Monday, 24 October 2016

Catch up, not a lot of cycling last week, but a lot has been happening!...

 Last Commute to Whitekirk...
Last Friday i cycled to work at Whitekirk for the last time...  My work is now done here...
After 19 1/2 years up on the hill i am leaving for pastures new...
Thank you all who have emailed, texted and sent Facebook messages over the last few days wishing me all the best for the future...
I am really really excited to take the position of Estate Manager at Archerfield. My job will involve along with other duties general maintenance outside the Walled Garden; grass mowing, woodland and wildlife management, some coastline, and i`m looking forward to learning and getting creative again.
The estate is full of history which i will enjoy learning about, and i have also been asked to contribute to the Website blog, and there is a lot of things happening here to blog about!.
A drone film was recently made advertising the Estate Walled Garden...

Archerfield Walled Garden from Square Foot Media on Vimeo.

 Estate website is here; Archerfield Walled Garden

I can still commute by bike on country roads so can still continue to blog the `new` morning views through the seasons and other stuff on route to work Exciting times ahead!, onwards and upwards!...

Scottish Ploughing Chamionships; West Fenton...
On Saturday i took my mum to see the Horses ploughing and it is a fantastic site to see...

These two are lovely...

Also some great vintage tractors...

Great to see them at work...

Sunday; Slideshow and talk at Humbie Hub...
Pic by Markus...

I was not nervous doing a public talk on Sunday although it was something new for me.  I have done a Radio pod cast for Radio Scotland`s Out of Doors, and i enjoyed that, and been on FAT-BIKE-COM.
Talking to people who had the option to come and listen would be ok!,
Writing a blog  for 8 1/2 years now about riding my Fatbikes and various other bikes around East Lothian there was so much to show and talk about!. i managed to get a collection of 500 pictures down to 150 and ran over the advised 45 minute time by only 10 minutes,
After an initial talk about the bikes i ride, how they came to be and how i came to discover them, i soon moved on to how i went exploring new places on my door step previously un ridable or just too much hard work to be fun previously on regular MTB`s and  talked of some of the micro adventures that can be had on your doorstep with these bikes.
I emphasised about cycling being great in all seasons and what  each season has to offer, the light in East Lothian on the coast, and using cheap cameras to film and take pictures. a good 10 minutes were spent talking about the coldest winter in 50 years that i was fortunate enough to experience on two wheels,
The Winter of 2010/11 and cycling at -25 Celsius in a frozen East Lothian Artic condition,
Then exploring old roads having found them comparing old maps with new maps,
And there is a lot of interest in the local history of East Lothian of these old routes and the things i have come across on them, judging by peoples attention,  no one went to the toilet and never returned! lol
So i hopefully encouraged some who attended to get out on their bikes and go exploring the paths less travelled here on our doorstep...

I started my blog as a kind of diary to share pictures and films with other owners of Fatbikes around the world back in 2009. It`s been a long journey and i never really thought much about the blog having had over a Million views until Warren and Esther, and Markus have mentioned it. I guess it is quite an achievement!,
And there is still loads of new stuff to ride, explore, and history to find out about, to post on the blog...

More soon...


  1. Good luck in your new post Bruce , take care mate.

  2. Congrats on the new job! :)

  3. Great talk- I forgot to drink my coffee! It was really interesting to see the old maps and see the routes on the ground.
    I'll definitely be looking for a fat/29+ option for my next bike.

    1. Look forward to riding with you once your rolling!

  4. A great catch up Bruce. Delighted for you that you have a new challenge. I sincerely hope you find a worthy employer in Archerfield. They are lucky to have you and the skills, experience and passion you'll take with you.

    Glad the presentation went well. Talking in front of others can be a daunting experience but it sounds like this could be the first of a few such nights ahead.

    Awra best for the future mate.

    1. Looking forward with a bigger grin Al!

  5. I wish you the best luck. I wish you lived closer so we could ride.
    Chicago,IL. USA

    1. Thanks Ari, hey we may well ride bikes together one day!, your always welcome here in Scotland, and i have still to visit the New World!

  6. All the best to you at your new employment. That sounds like a very interesting place to work at. Also- Congrats on the longevityof the blog. I know it ain't easy!

  7. Well done on the new job Bruce. They seem to be doing some exciting things there just now. Hope to bump into you on the coast sometime (It's been a while!) Del

    1. Thanks Del!, be great to see you again on the coast!!!

  8. Good luck in the new job, it sounds exciting. All the best.

  9. Hi Bruce, I always look forward to reading your blog and I think you have a real talent for putting the joy of riding, exploring and building bikes on the screen. Your new job sounds like like a perfect match for your skills and outdoor passion - Good luck with it all!

  10. Thank you Ian, exciting times ahead!