Tuesday, 10 March 2009

three hours till dusk,afterwork trailride

what an amazing day today,a slight frost then totally clear sky's till mid afternoon,finish work at 3pm means now despite only mid march on a good day i get 3 hours till dark,today was a day to make the most of it,i biked home,changed,grabbed pugsley and headed along to ride part of the john muir way to north berwick which passes nearby my house,the paths around NB law were a bit soggy after Sundays wet snow but were no prob on the pug,i took a pic at the big anchor above the beach then followed the J.M.W west along a section i only recently found out about which took me into yellowcraig,i love it here,the twisted scots pines which we climbed as kids,the old stone walls and groomed fescue grass kept manicured by rabbits,then the beach itself with views of fidra and its white lighthouse and far off east the bass rock and may isle,fantastic,and there was no-one here! i never passed a soul,it was silent apart from gulls out on fidra,riding through archiefield woods i missed a big sunset but a big moon came up which explains the very high tide earlier,i took a pic but i need to get a camera which takes good nightime pics,there was still around half an hour till dark so i rode through the grassy dunes behind freshwater haven,the area is an sssi, i reckon if john muir could have had one back in the day he too would of had a pugsley to get around!,i like walking but id rather cycle and travel further and see more changing landscape,into the pinewoods that sadly there felling as there are good sandy trails in there and it is always so quiet under the pine trees,along the path to gullane and the sea buckthorn orange berries really highlighted in my hope HID light now on,there a common sight in east lothian,kids call them baked bean plants!,i could have just kept following the coast for the same distance/time but i headed home from gullane,a quick half hour road ride,after Sundays horrific weather(wind,sleet,wet snow,bitter cold damp)today reminds you why you bike through hard weather to appreciate evenings like this,bring it on spring!


  1. Just enjoyed your slideshow on MTBR, great photos. It looks like you live in a beautiful place for riding although I had to google Lothian as I had never heard of it and wrongly assumed it was in Alaska!

    Regards from a fellow coastrider in New Zealand - Antoine

  2. hey dude thanks for following my blog!,yeah im 20 miles east along the coast from edinburgh scotland UK,we have a lovely coastline here,hope to post more pics & info soon,would love to go to new zealand one day,my brother spent 6 weeks there on his honeymoon,pics look amazing,thanks again will post more soon!! bruce