Monday, 20 April 2009

monkey magic

i got the wheels for the karate monkey saturday so sat evening the bike was rolling.hers the spec:-
18" chum red frameset
hope headset
hope stem with HID mount(0 degrees so lots of spacers till i decided on prefered bar hieght)
50mm riser fsa bars,ergon grips,blackburn trip meter
cheep but waggle free suspension post,sdg ti bel air saddle
07 LX two way shifters,LX mechs,XT cassette,cranks,XTR chain
hope pro2 hubs,dt swiss spokes(£1 each!!!),32 hole halo freedom 29er rims
halo twinrail 2.2 tyres(will fit knobblys for winter)

iv still to get a bashring as didnt use the 44t outer ring on sundays ride,averaging 12-14 mph on the road using middle ring so 2x9 be ideal,i dont like outer rings anyway,apart from potential to rip your calf open in a spill they catch waterproofs etc..i did a 5 hour ride and 45 miles sunday around my local hills,the lammermuirs and despite 50psi in the tyres are amazed at the comfort offroad being fully ridgid but without the cushioning of the pugsleys endo tyres,so am i happy with it?,you bet!,first ride out i did what i built this bike for,long days out/high milage from home-no car driving,fast on road but managable offroad on resonable trails,reckon the big wheels are worth 2-4 mph more average and 10-20 more miles in a days riding.i took alot of pics and some short film clips and just made a youtube film of sundays ride..,enjoy

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  1. Great looking ride coastkid! I'm in the middle of a bike build myself so to see someone complete theirs gives me hope. I enjoy the blog, keep the posts coming. Later.