Friday, 15 May 2009

summers coming

i took these pics at work yesterday,we've had 2 weeks of this high pressure weather with an onshore easterly,only mid may and light till 10pm on a clear will be an hour later than this up on the north west coast and even later on the western isles where I'm heading in 2 weeks.hopefully my frame bag for my pugsley will arrive from alaska next week as promised by eric of epic designs,apart from that I'm ready to go,just need a night packing the bike.

its going to be a long summer with the amount of biking Ive done already,lots of places to go locally on weekday evenings,lots of ideas for films,going to do a series of films biking the east lothian coastline here and putting together a film on riding tunnels on the pugsley,done some already in edinburgh but going to recce a storm drain which will be cool if not to greasy and slippy-and it exits onto a beech!,

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