Monday, 8 June 2009

late start to holidays!

i should be on the ferry to the isle of harris this now but I'm waiting for my frame bag to arrive,eric at epic designs sent it out 12 days ago so the hold up must be here in the UK,if it doesn't come today then just have to go with the rear pannier set up as in the picture,there was two panniers but i just went through everything and thinned out more stuff,

the pannier is bulky but not really heavy,i was going to take enough powder food for 7-10 days but surprising how heavy it is,so going with 3days at a time as be about the longest i will be between local stores where i can stock up

i didn't realise how heavy my small colman tent is until i put it on a pushbike!,i vie used this a few years on the back of honda XR dualsport dirtbikes and never noticed the wieght,a hennessy survival hammock- would be the way to go but there arnt any natural trees on harris/lewis!
for those abroad its the one island separated by a narrow piece of land named `tarbet` the principle town of harris with ferry port, heres a link to where im going;well i cant seem to get the link to work so heres the website, then click on the western isles


  1. Bon Route!

    Bummer about the frame-bag but you'll be fine. Makes for a comparison after your next trip.

    I'm interested to see the "canvas" showing through the sidewalls of your Endo's just like on my pug and I like that fork-mounted bottle holder.

  2. Check outed your link to undiscoveredscotland. Looks like a beautiful trip. Hope your frame bag arrives. Best of luck on your journey coastkid.

  3. Love your Pug!! The fork mounted water bottle is sweet. That's a camera mounted on the other leg, right? Super cool!!