Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Surly Pugsley commuting...

I woke up to view out the window of a covering of snow this morning.
The view out the front door at 7.30am, only right to ride pugsley to work in this...

The roads though were well gritted and clear of snow,even the back road i took bahh..
the snow was heavy once at work,around 2" and it was not too wet, getting into the festive spirit my workmate was adorning a "i love shinty" headband!!

Out on the golf course there was some covering of snow, ponds looked good with the snow on top of the ice...

In a nearby field is this lovely old hawthorn..damm its thorns though...

In the wood you can see these ash and alder trees were once coppiced for wood. See there many trunks per tree...

Its nice just having a look around at everything in different weather...

So what do greenkeepers do when it snows your wondering?, well drink alot of tea, as well as that theres gritting and when you have snow and John Deere gators you just have to go on manoeuvre`s...

Leaving work i knew the roads would be clear,wet and salted so went home via the offroad commute which is around 4 miles with only 1/4mile of tarmac,over the old right of way beside work...

and onto the wooded part of the john muir way for a mile which had fresh untracked snow..just rabbit tracks and what looked like stoat tracks...
i filmed again with the tachyon camera the last bit through the woods,can see the path easy now with snow..,heres the helmetcam film...

Further on near home again track free snow, i love this..

Tempted to go a quick nightride in the snow tonight as i never went out last night as posting films etc..
It was the winter solstice, mid winter every solstice i usually go a nightride and have a few ciders afterwards. Slowly the nights will start to draw out now. Intrestingly new years eve is a full moon here this year, i cant ever remmember that before ,though some new years i cant rememmber anything about the evening at all...


  1. Great pics coastkid. Glad to see you enjoying your "dusting" of snow. More accumulation in the forecast for good ole Wisconsin on Christmas Eve and Day. Happy Holidays to you!

  2. hi craigers,yes looking same here too...
    indeed happy holidays to you too!
    enjoy the festive season...

  3. Nice!!!
    8+ for northern Mn.
    Just getting done with work, pedal to the beer store then home, one more day of torture then off till Monday!!
    Have a good one!!!!


  4. you too joboo,you building a pug too?,hope you get it done before the snow goes..

  5. Yes Sir,

    I am buliding afine Pug!! lol
    frame and LM's are here, just waiting on the rest.
    aimming for a news years day/eve ride.
    we'll see if that works out??!!

    it's all good, because we'll have snow till April here in Mn. two years ago we got hit with an April snowstorm of 20" of the white stuff!!


  6. should do a blog on your pug and your adventures joboo...,good to read other folk doing same thing there way...

  7. I think that's a hell of a idea, I just might do that!!

    Peace, Joboo