Monday, 1 March 2010

Not a normal Monday...

Mondays are that day, you know, drag yourself out of bed and into work and just focus on survival.
Make it to home time. Well it often is to me anyway after a busy weekend with often not enough rest and often tired legs.
Today was for some reason different. I woke early and knew it was frosty, i can tell by the bedroom temperature, it was clear Sunday evening with a big full moon after 5 horrible days of wind and very heavy rain which fell as snow in many areas including our local Lammermuir hills, yeah thats snow!!!
Today dawned clear, YES!, sunshine again...
It was so good cycling to work with the sunrise, you just know its going to be a good day. Spring is just round the corner now too, light enough at 7.30am for cycling with out lights and a morning chorus of birdsong that seems to get more every week.
Snow drops have been out for a couple of weeks now and now the daffodil's are poking through and the trees have buds on them..
3 weeks till the clocks change, think it will still be a cold march.
At work it was a glorious morning up on the hill...

What a difference good weather makes to your mind after 5 days grey and was lovely and calm too...

I felt energetic and a bit hyper for a Monday..and this was after Saturdays bike a hike in the snow that really drained me riding home the sky was an amazing bright blue with the high pressure...

I wasn't in a hurry cycling home and happy being out in such lovely winter weather...

Once home i did an hours chainsawing firewood then i got the motorbike fired up and went for a spin down the coast road. I stuck a Tachyon camera on with a goggle strap mount and made a quick helmet camera film...
My bike is seriously loud having a near straight through exhaust..i don't ride it off road like this so i don't worry about it. Its like payback for all the car drivers that buzz you when out cycling...`pull over..coming through!` lol...they cant say they didn't hear you coming. Sometimes old folk shake there fists at you, i saw cyclists once plug there ears too!.
The roads still have alot of salt.grit and chippings from holes on them so care is needed. Still fun though.
Love a big single engine on full bore!...


  1. Are you serious? Even your road signs are lovely & white????? Pardon me for not reading what you write... I'm all about the view. :)

  2. What a nice post. Thanks for taking me along with you on your day and your ride. Great.

  3. Great film mate. I was watching it grinning from ear to ear, especially the long overtake! A bit poignant for me though, you probably read on my blog I'm now motorbikeless from last week. But I have a new pushbike, not all bad news!

  4. I hope that photo of the road signs is edited. Bright white signs and a clear blue sky!!!

    I haven't seen the sun yet this year and i'm really starting to miss it. I'm sick of winter now. The first day of sun we get and i'm having the day off work to go riding.

    My new motorbike was due to be delivered today. However, I had to cancel it after my parents freaked out. Typical "You'll kill yourself" comments. After watching that film i'm half tempted to go to down to the shop after work and pick it up anyway.

  5. ali b; good job you dont read all my text or you would pick up on my awfull spelling!,

    ltb; thanks for coming along...

    clive;its a love hate thing for me like jeckal & hyde, mellow quiet cyclist then a loony on a motorbike!...maybe you can enjoy my fun with out you risking life and limb...

    redbike; no the sign pic isnt photoshopped..none of my pics are, thats just nice clean clear scottish air!,i think we have been lucky here in SE Scotland and had alot more sunshine...

  6. What is the meaning of the sign “SLOW” on the road??

  7. slow means pin it wide open tommy!!!

  8. Watch it boy!
    Nowadays you never know, who is waiting for you, at home. A girlfriend or the Police.
    In some cases both! LOL

  9. Oh boy! Mighty envious of the weather and road-conditions over there right now after looking at the photos and the video!

  10. tommy; im sure i will just get a caution!

    //harri; 4 days clear with frost at nights is lovely after nearly a week of grey skys and storms...