Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Danny Macaskill again...

After his Youtube sensation cycling film Edinburgh trials rider Danny is back on Youtube with his new film...
this time riding stuff from Edinburgh to his Home village of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye...but if you watch he heads east first from `The Burgh`to East Lothian and North Berwick Harbour!
get ready for this one...amazing skill...enjoy...


  1. Always always impressed with this young man!! That opening shot.... Standing still front flip!!! Are you kidding me??? Sweet!!
    The price for failure is so high, yet he makes it look so easy!!!
    Talk about talent!!!
    Thanks for posting Bruce!!
    This totally made my morning at work more enjoyable!! :)


  2. nice to see some of our local landmarks being put to good use , wish I'd been down the harbour at cockenzie when he was filming there . Amazing !

  3. And, at 1:50, he's on the Old Bridge in Stirling!!! Where was I that day?!? Must have been 2009 - it's sunny... great post bro. Danny is a genuine sporting hero!

  4. All of a sudden I feel totally inadequate! I know nothing of the trials scene, I take it this lad is one of the top guys?

    Are you going to do an equivalent film with you and the Pug now mate? ;-)

  5. clive; Danny must be one of the most skilled trials riders in the world now,another great rider to watch is Chris Akrigg...
    i will be keeping the wheels firmly on the ground/sand as always!

  6. Seems like he's a bit of a Coastkid too tho'.

    Love to see you do a jump on the Pugsley. I can just see those big tyres bouncing you off over the horizon!!!!!

  7. Have watched this a couple of times now. It just gets more impressive all the time. Great skill but also a great wee bit of film making too.

    Thanks for posting.