Monday, 24 January 2011

Made in a Shed...

Man (and woman) have made things in sheds since...well since sheds were invented.
This film is doing the rounds on various cycling forums and Blogs, thought i would post it up for non cycling readers who may find it of interest.
Folk often drop there jaws when told the price we cyclists sometimes spend on our steeds,
Often we spend more for just a frame or even forks or wheels than they will spend on a leisure bicycle for themselves and partner/and even there kids too...
But they also see how much pride and love we have for (some) of our bicycles, especially frames handmade (in whatever country) which we then purchase all the desired parts then build ourselves...
Well maybe to shine light on the time and labour sometimes put into these bikes heres a film of a man-in-a-shed...doing what he loves-building frames so we can do what we love... a labour of love you could say...


  1. Lovely film. Thanks for that. Fascinating to watch someone create with such skill and with such obvious love for his craft.

    Despite the professional soundtrack, wasn't there the sound of you drooling in the background?

    I think there was!!!


  2. i was indeed drooling Al!. At the frame and his workshop, you can watch the passion in him working the metal, alot of small details building it which i havent seen in film before, could say its a work of art!

  3. I've had to browse a lot of stuff today, and this was the perfect, favorite finish. Thanks for the post, CoastKid.

  4. Handmade frames are ART and the builder an ARTIST!!

  5. I want a work shop like that ......and the skill to ue it would be nice as well .