Monday, 4 April 2011

Coast- Detecting...

A few months ago i bought a cheap metal detector on ebay,
an impulse buy which i returned for a refund as it was rubbish,
you would find more with a magnet taped onto the end of a stick...
So i did some research on various forums,youtube and the largest UK metal detector stores Regton Ltd ,
I bought a Garrett ACE 250 Detector,described as the worlds most popular detector and a great first detector...

This has enough features to keep any geek happy, you can specify metals to eliminate which saves time digging up juice cans and ring pulls etc, and different tones alert the type of material, depth of object in Inches is given and a pin pointer button is as i found really accurate...
The LCD screen is easy to read even with the showerproof /dust/sand cover i added as an extra,4 AA batteries give 20-40 hours run time,
At home i found setting the search to `Relic` eliminated floor nails and `pinged` away at WW2 Spitfire shells on the floor- Happy days!
Saturday evening i went down to Hedderwick Sands at John Muir Park for low Tide at 7pm...

walking across the sand i found a couple of .303 Rifle shells then i walked across a sand bar roughly where i knew there had been a firing range during the War and it started to find more .303 shells, lots of them, Sun was setting but after around half an hour i found this lot...

Not sure what the big lump was,maybe a bit of the base of a mortar...

Sunday i spent a half hour at Longniddry Dunes where recently Sea Buckthorn has been cleared so the soft sand dug over by a 360 Digger would be easy digging and there would be no worries about digging there,
I found my first coin; a 1946 1/2 Penny, a silver fork stamped Argentina, and while digging pulled out a 1/2 pint `Murchies` milk bottle!...

Need to get the Carry bag for it so i can take it on the back of the Pugsley to scan areas of coast at low tides, more soon...

Heres a film of a review of the detector...


  1. That's great! I love it! Now you need to start a new blog called "Things I Found Out Walking" or "Things I Found and Hauled Home"..

  2. Good hunting Bruce.

    Gaun Yersel son!

  3. I think you need a extra shed! Or maybe an Nissen / Quonset Hut is better choice. LOL

  4. Bruce, now that's some cool stuff!!
    Looking forward to seeing what else you dig up!!


  5. I always wanted me a metal detector!
    Folks here walk the beaches regularly, not for relics, but for lost tourist treasures.

  6. Coastdiggerkid!

    Have fun but beware of things that go BANG!

  7. Bruce,
    good luck with it, i'm sure you will find some intresting things.

  8. Great thing to do...metal detecting..lots of fun and who knows there is always that chance of a really valuable find.....


  9. Bruce,

    Just a thought but, if you do find something that goes BANG! can I have first dibs on the Pugsley?