Thursday, 15 December 2011

Schwinn klunker Progect Pt2...

A wee while ago i posted on my Schwinn Klunker progect. Well the coaster hub arrived and i decided to have a go at lacing the rear wheel myself, I have never built a wheel, though can straighten one no probs, building it myself with the old spokes would also help keep the build cost down , keeping in the theme of a bike like this, Of course the proper thing to do is go on a 1 day wheel building wheel course up at the Edinburgh Bike CO OP or get a book, or a download on wheel building, but i just had a go... So i carefully removed the spokes from the existing rear wheel to use, The coaster hub flange diameter was 2mm wider than the freewheel hub on the old marin wheel but i hoped the spoke lenght would be ok, Sitting in front of the fire one evening i used the front wheel off the Dawes Galaxy as it too is also 36 spoke and with it lying against the fireplace i copied each set of spokes making sure each inside then outside set crossed over or under correctly, then i set the wheel in its frame and after getting a bit tension on the spokes wondered what to use to true it, Clothes pegs of course on the frame!, these kept the wheel true as i tensioned the spokes sideways and up and down - i imagine there are proper terms for all this but anyway it worked, One built wheel...
Out to the man cave for the build, on with some old Maxxis single ply Down Hill tyres, on with the stem, bars, glue on the grips (used clear laquer spray) Brooks saddle, beartrap pedals, then a 22t Alfine sprocket i had along with the last of a 3 pack of rust proof BMX pitch chains i had bought for the pugsley when it had an Alfine hub and it was built!, One retro Klunker, built for under £80...
Friend Mike popped round tonight after work for a look, and took some pics before it was dark...
And had a wee shot and thought it feels ace -:)
I have not ridden a bike with a coaster hub since BMXs in the mid 1980s in my teens, and with no normal brakes it means this will be a bit of a learning curve having to do all the breaking on the rear then pitch it sideways into corners, but learning will be a lot of fun, With a low 11" bottom bracket height and long wheel base this sled should slide and drift around corners great, wide downhill grass trails will be great fun as well as fire roads, plenty places to go and get some film riding it in the next few weeks... learning to brake before cornering should provide plenty of entertainment... Lets hope the rear wheel build holds up!...


  1. The laughter at the end of the skid, warms my heart.

  2. Magic Bruce , well done , Cant wait for a wee shot

    will need to dig oout my flares and check shirt .

  3. This is going to be a lot of fun!,
    next to do is riding attire! -:)

  4. You only need now a bikini beach babe!!

  5. Rare as hens teeth around here Tommy,
    but if you find one then somewhere to hang your coat... or two coats... -:)

  6. I have a "mankini" kicking around somewhere.....

  7. That's one Schweet ride :o)

    Can I joint the queue for a shottie please mister ?


  8. Takes me back to the bikes I built with my mate in my youth. Brilliant nostalgic stuff mate!