Friday, 13 April 2012

In the heights

So i thought i had cured my childhood fear of heights after a Microlight flight where i felt totally safe and loved it.
Walking some of the Aonach Eagach Ridge above Glencoe in 1992 did not faze me much, the views over the Glen were amazing.

In 1995 i did a huge 80 meter Bungee jump in Crete. I was nervous and a bit scared in the crane as it swayed about and swung out over the sea. Looking at a bit of elastic attached to my ankles i was thinking  `this is just not right`. I nearly passed out as i jumped off, then the adrenalin kicked in and it was amazing!.

But after watching some films like this of Steel workers caught on camera by Charles Ebbets i have realised my fear of heights is on man made obstacles of great height!... parachute jump next? -:)

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  1. Do it - I did one a while back and it was incredible!