Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Midweek Cycle - Back on the coast...

Gullane Village...

After 3 1/2 weeks of no cycling it is good to get out on the coast again. The chest virus i had still flares up with hay fever but a few days cycling into work  have been ok. Not missed the weather though - bleak to say the least for July. Tonight was overcast and the light was flat. Gullane village was quiet for mid July and the Beach car park only had half a dozen cars.
Got in a wee beach ride along the coast with friends Jason and Mike. Missed being out on the pugsley, plenty more evening and weekend riding to do despite the weather...


  1. Glad you're feeling a bit better Bruce. The flat light comes through in the photo's clearly. When is it going to end? Seems like my days off have been out of sync with any good weather for months so haven't been able to get out to do any photography and as for the garden - bomb site!

  2. I should have done the pics in B&W Al, forcast is to improve but they did say that in June!