Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Midweek Cycle- detour commute over Becky`s Strip Byway

Been a real busy week and not much cycling, just commuting with the odd detour home.
Francis broke here collar bone 2 weekend`s ago, so been helping out and not on the PC that much,
The 6th Fatbike Gathering in Norfolk is this weekend, i had planned to go down, but change of circumstances see`s Francis in for surgery tomorrow to get her broke bone pinned, so priority,
Will still have a long weekend off work as booked and get out for a short daytime rides around the back door trails.
I`m lucky to get to cycle off road while commuting and general riding from A-B...

Little house on the Prairie... :)

Real dusty on trails and farm tracks...
Low plains drifter..

Been over Becky`s Strip a lot this week, on some detours on the way home from work...

Becky`s Strip Byway;
I don`t think i have ever made a point to point film of the entire mile long Byway before, so here you go!
click on the cog icon thingy to view in HD
Song is `In a beautiful place out in the country` by Boards of Canada

Or watch on Vimeo straight to HD with no pop up advert!...

Be back next week...


  1. Great little film Bruce. All the best to Francis from me and El, no wine until Friday night!

  2. Thanks Peter I will have to take charge of wine consumption for a few days! :)