Saturday, 4 October 2014

Another new Fatbike on the market and a film, but it`s differant...

As is promoting beach riding!,  you know this is actually the first company to promote fatbikes for sand and rocks on the coast with a UK Video, ok so it`s jazzed up using a talented UK rider- Chris Akrigg but nods to Mongoose for doing so,  Every other fatbike company  ouside of Surly who market them as `bikes to ride where a regular Mountainbike struggles` is trying to market them as replacements to regular mountainbikes, take for example On One, who seemed bent on being as far from the coast as possible with their On One Fatty marketing even to the point of being negative towards beachriding in a recent CTC  article on fatbikes that i contributed to, daft as you think companies want sales eh?!...
Said it already and will say it again if i do not need a fat tyre where i am going i will ride a 29er or 29+ tyre  bike, or a 35-41mm road tyre bike, and if i rode trail centres it would be a 650b full suspension bike or the Surly Instigator for a hard tail...

Anyways just to show i am not biased towards Surly here is the Mongoose film, even if i just bought my 6th Surly frame set (second hand) that arrives next week... :)


  1. That's good stuff. It does really demonstrate where a fat bike can go, whereas a regular mtb wouldn't be suitable. I especially liked where he rode the big, loose rocks, as an example.

    Too bad Mongoose is not a premier brand here in the US. Their overseers saw fit to pretty much destroy the brand's image here. My first mtb was a Mongoose, and back in the day they were highly respected as a brand here.

  2. Last year Charge also filmed a video in the sand. Theirs concentrated on the rider carrying his surfboard. I agree.. I wish Mongoose was featured as the company it used to be here in the US. The reality is that a fat tired bike is capable of almost anything we throw at it... enough said.