Monday, 26 January 2015

Saturday winter sun cycle on the coast...

Friends Craig, Brian and Gary came out to play along with Ian who rode back to  Gullane on his new Surly Ice Cream Truck, and Mowgli was along for a run too!,
I never took many pics as filming with the Go Pro, loads of sand has been moving on the coast with this winters stormy seas and high winds,  some east ends of coves are filled with sand blown over the headlands and dunes have been  topped up a few inches in places, the coast is always changing on top of the rocks...
Never made it out to the subs as the incoming tide broke over the sand bar- rather quickly as we stopped for a pic!, and the headwind we winched into all the way there dropped as we rode back to North Berwick, but it was a lovely winter day of amazing light and long shadows...

Again this film has not loaded in 720p HD on youtube, dunno why!,
3 songs by LESTER;
`Rhubarb Bagel`

Snow forecast later this week, keeping fingers crossed to get some here finally!
More soon,


  1. Wonderful and fun trails! How far can Mowgli run before tiring out?

  2. We rode 18 miles on Saturday and Mowgli was still up for more!, In fact i have yet to tire him out completely!