Sunday 15 February 2015

DIY Fatbike PVC pipe washstand...

I seen a bike stand made to fit Fatbikes on the MTBR Forum a while ago, the creators website of his rack can be viewed Here
While it is made of regular house type 1" pvc pipe i thought i would build one a bit more heavy duty,
Using 1" 1/2 PVC Irrigation pipe i made this...

I added 90 degree elbows as feet to raise the frame off the ground so mud will wash down into the catchment drain on my wash bay,
Pipe was cut to same lenghts as shown in the link except the joiners of T pipe to T pipe in the centre where they were cut as 60mm,
It is not collapsible as all glued with waterproof PVC glue.
To buy this piping i used would be an expensive stand, i swapped some golf balls found at work for the pipe connectors with an Irrigation engineer ;)
It fits both my 3" 29+ wheels, the 4" tyre Surly Pugsleys and the big 5" tyre Moonlander,  ideal and will last a long time-this piping has 20 year guarantee underground!...

3" 29+;

4" tyres;

5" tyres;

More soon...


  1. Nice, i'm going to make my one!!!
    Hans Vreeburg

  2. can i have the measurement? please send it on email (