Saturday, 20 June 2015

Back on the Coast...

Back on the coast today, down to NB and a wee ride with Craig and Brian​ along with Mowgli Superdog, Ride was cut short at Freshwaterhaven when Brian had a wee spill on the rocks and bust a hole in his knee ;(
We got Brian off the beach after a patch up with clean hankerchieft, a Buff and a bootlace tying it all tight and he hobbled and we walked the bikes across the hallowed ground of Muirfield Links where an elderly member said `Jolly Good Show` to his stiff upper lip lol :D   while another said a few good nips for th e pain should settle things :D
Thank you work mate Iain who after a phone called rocked up with car and trailer to shuttle Brian to NB!, patched up at Edington Cottage Hospital  Craig loaded his bike on his car for Brian to drive home and get said knee stitched up,
Hope your all sorted now Brian and on the mend :)

Mind have that G&T or wee nip Brian! ;)

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