Friday, 3 July 2020

EL MTB (East Lothian Mountainbike) Trails; New Playlist starting... # 1

Started a new Playlist on YouTube to record off-road routes in East Lothian on film,
As you properly know I do not do Strava or any other GPS stuff and share places that way online etc, 
You will need to get the map out and do some detective work to work out where some of the real gems are....
But happy to show you on film the trails here in East Lothian, 
Most I have already filmed, but doing this gives a full collection on one playlist to watch, 
Doing this to keep me busy and make the most of having a new PC that is real  fast at editing and uploading films, 
The films will also all be 3 minutes long max and long, and longer routes will be split if need be onto multiple films,

Here is the first film, Estate tracks,
Song is `Blue Clax` by Apex Twin,
Make sure you click on the cog icon to select 1080 HD to view,

More soon...

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