Thursday, 7 July 2022

Willys Jeep; gardening duties!


My Mums hedge need a cut, and with no van running I used the Jeep, I did try the hedge cutter in a pannier on the motorbike but it was too big.

The sky was looking a bit dark to the west as I drove along the coast road but luckily no rain came...

Everytime your out on the roads these days you seen some daft behaviour and today I just knew this car was going to pull out - now who pulls out in front of a 1/4 ton of solid steel with drum brakes! lol, I thin the driver probably soiled himself after i blasted the horn!

Yep there's no cure for stupid!

Hedge was soon cut and after a couple of cups of tea headed home, thankfully there was no more dramas!

Jeep is due an oil and filters change and will try get it done one evening next week...

More soon...

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