Monday, 17 August 2009

british weather!,hangovers and guilt

ok so am a bit cheesed off!,weekend off and the weather was crap,i had planned going camping up glencoe somewhere on the motorbike but by wednesday the forcast wasnt looking good,ok i thought will just go local cycling and do a 25 mile road cycle,camp then satuardy do the last 40 miles of the southern upland way long distance (coast to coast path) which finishes 12 miles down the coast from where i stay,sunday i could lie in ,do a bit campfire cooking then cruise home
problem 1; friday lunchtime the heavens opened,like totally,
problem 2: get home thought `sod it im going anyway whatever the weather` and discovered the bob trailer doesn't fit the karate monkey 29er!!

so it was not gonna fit on the pugsley either for sure

the yolk bit was about an inch too short so im guessing then they make them for either 26" or 700cc wheels,ok no probs i dont yet have racks on the karate monkey so will just take the pugsley and pump the tyres up for the road miles,
problem 3; strongbow cider!!, well the rain wasnt going off in time for me to ride the hour it would take over to the borders before dark and find somewhere to camp on friday evening so i had a pint of strong bow,i had a couple of bottles in the kitchen,now if id been stuck in an office all week id have probably just headed off in the rain glad to be outdoors whatever,but when you work outdoors aswell as spend alot of freetime outside its harder to motivate yourself to go out in bad weather-though i usually never regret it once out riding,
and so friday evening was spent watching cool stuff on youtube to the early hours while looking outside to sideways rain and trees bent 90 degrees wondering whats happened to summer?,
sat morning dawned- 2 empty strongbow bottles,a sore head,dry mouth and still raining!,what is it about drinking and the terrible guilt and self loathing the following day?,the rain went off by lunchtime and the wind increased to gale force,oh the perfect excuse to cancel going cycling.time for a film sesssion- the bourne collection as hadnt watched them in a while,i even lit the fire,felt like mid winter once the fire was roaring,
sunday was really windy too,i went a short ride on the motorbike up to the new windfarm in the local lammermuir hills,will go make a film there soon,
i dont watch alot of tv but a favourite series this now is griff rhys jones `rivers` which ive found fascinating,thanks to dumbfangeld modern technology-BBC i player i can if the link works share this with you folk which are reading this overseas to the UK,what i was intrested in- though its just a brief mention is a WW2 dummy airfield that was just outside london as whitekirk hill on which the golf course was built where i work was a dummy airfield in the war and im trying to find out more info about that, heres sunday nights programme;an interesting in site into some of londons history i find victorian engineering amazing and the canals are featured on the programme,enjoy...


  1. Oh no, I was planning on buying a 29er for touring with next year.

    Mind you if i'm using the trailer I will probably be doing a road-ish route. In which case cyclo-x / touring tyres will probably be fine.

  2. i imagine the trailers are made in either 26" or 700cc so need to look into this,it would still be a tight fit i imagine with smaller tyres,need to look up the bob trailer website

  3. How come when the sun's shining it's Scottish weather, and when it's pissing down it's British!

    You could pinch the back wheel off one of your 26er's if the cassette and disc rotor are compatible. Your bottom bracket would drop a bit but I'm sure It would ride OK. There's a few Karate-Monkeys around set-up with 26" wheels for use as Xtracycle cargo-bikes.

  4. thanks antoine,i thought of that too,i could have just used my cannondale commuter or super v too,i think i want a fat tyred trailer for the pugsley!,so i can haul driftwood home from the beach!!,may buy a cheap one and hack it up!

  5. I'm guessing you've seen this guy:

    A trailer with endomorph tires!

  6. high north..yeah how cool is that!