Thursday, 7 January 2010

More cold to come....

The big freeze is on now!
The average temperatures are now only 2 degrees celcius warmer than the south pole it said on the news!
The river Clyde at Glasgow is beginning to freeze over.
Down south in England has had a big dumping of snow so now the weather makes national news cause London gets deep snow!, Been cars abandoned on roads and schools etc closed. Theres been 2 feet up in Inverness since before new year.

We havent got the snow that was forcasted and i hoped for. It missed us but the borders got it big time with blocked roads yesterday morning.
I left for work and rode up to work through 4-6" rutted semi slush roads, not great stuff to cycle through and quite hard work but least i wasnt cold!. It was -4-5C, the UK had a big freeze last night -18-20 in many places. We got -6C being near the coast the slushy mainroads were back to being flat snowpacked and once again fast rolling.
At work the day started as per usual melting the ice in the main door runners with a propane torch to get them opened to get the gators out!...

The day dawned clear and despite the sun out the temperature was only -3C at midday with a freezing cold wind but superb views up on the hill...

And of course we had a carry on in the gators...

My attempt at a snow angel...

Heading home the temperature has again plummeted, roads are really good again for pugsley...

We have a forcast for some light snow showers but below -5C so be another cold crisp day tommorrow...


  1. Like the #4 shot! Thankfully it's starting to get less cold here now!

  2. Bruce, Please send a little bit of snow to The Hague!! Just 5cm wil make me very happy!!

  3. Not only a Pugsley but Gators too!

    Lucky Git.

    Be careful out there Coastkid

  4. I tried a short ride last night. I lasted all of 15mins before returning home swearing under my breath about how cold it was. -14!!
    Lord knows what -20 was like.

  5. it is bloody cold!!,
    tommy; ive boxed some up to send to you!...

    fuzzy; we have to gators at my work on the golf course they are (ahem) getting proper testing this now!!

    red bike;lowest here has been -12-14 in local hills12 miles inland from coast...