Sunday, 31 January 2010

more woods riding...

sunday dawned clear and cold like yesterday with a hard frost, there is a wooded hill near home which now with all the vegitation died back would be good for a look round, often deer tracks through woods are ridable in winter as was the case here..and i found some short downhill runs..who made them ive no idea so they will remain elusive to anyone asking whereabouts on youtube...made for intresting riding on fully a ridgid bike with ballon tyres and a high seatpost!
it was a lovely clear day...

people say to me how can i be bothered making films and setting up
cameras and going back and forward?.... the cycling is just part of being looking at scenery,wildlife,whats on the ground when on the coast...when your constantly cycling be it on road or off often your hearts pounding and your breathing hard and though you do see stuff you dont see half of whats about..or hear it...i often watch road cyclists head down legs pushing hard and they havent even seen me standing not 5 yards from the road....i dont like road only cycling because i just dont feel safe being passed by cars sometimes only leaving a foot or two clearance...walking is great for seeing everything but your limited to distance covered,i find combining cycling with a bit on foot exploring best for myself but each to there own and i respect that...anyway when filming you get really quick after a while and it isnt much trouble at all..after being in the woods i rode round some field boundrys which were frozen and enjoyed the views...

back mid afternoon and another nice trailride...


  1. I ride so slowly I'm guaranteed to see and hear everything!

    I marvel at your patience also. Stopping to take photos (even if I don't get off the bike) breaks the rhythm for me.

    My ankle is so wrecked it makes walking anywhere painful so the bike is a welcome relief from that. Only starts to hurt after a couple of hours in the saddle or riding over rough ground.

  2. i have a terminator ankle all pinned and screwed from a BMX crash when 14....its ok except in damp cold weather...i think just getting out is the most important thing however far or hard the pace...`one life live it` as they say...

  3. If I lived there I don't think I would ride on the road very often either.
    Perhaps I would as to me it would seem like theres little traffic?

    Just invested in my own balloon tyres. 29x2.0, rather skinny compared to yours. Massive compared to what i'm used to!

  4. Show off! ;)

    Glad you take the time to shoot photos and film, sometimes I too wonder if I'm out biking or shooting?! Perhaps the main thing is just to get out in the woods!

    You got some very different terrain there, very envious about that.

  5. east lothian is a favourite for road cyclists being east of edinburgh and many quiet country roads that also are popular for touring,
    its just the main roads at weekend can get busy by midday,
    redbike; you will find the 29er more comfy with the fat tyres,