Monday, 21 June 2010

summer solstice...

hey its the summer solstice...cant post any new pics yet as lost the cannon camera software driver when my pc got a virus last week and i have also mislaid the driver disc...thanks to my friends who gave me links to cannon free uploads etc..unfortuantly cannon now dont have the free driver upload for the A470 powershot and all the other driver downloads i have got are in binary code in my download list and i dont know how to instal them...this is when PCs become a mystery to folk like me who dont work with them daily...all gobbly gook to me!
ebay has discs at £15 but they seem to list every model but the A470..
so until someone turns up and actually installs a driver or gives me a driver disc im stuck-and no more pics...
the local computer shop that repaired the PC did a great job and i got it back in 24 hours..not so good was when i phoned them about the picture upload software missing they just said go upload it which of course i they have just lost a new customer...
i give up for now...cant be botherd with the headache..rather just go riding or chill in the garden...
so heres a film i did but never published at the eastern end of our coastline...made on the winter solstice!... get out and enjoy the light nights while there here...


  1. "Call back the SAR heli?, The Coastkid is back online" LOL

  2. lol...and my friend paul has a driver disc for a cannon that should work so back to normal soon..

  3. Bruce,
    man you are perfecting your video!!!
    Peace, Joe

  4. Sorry to hear about your PC woes, I've had similar problems, now unable to upload pictures to my blog. Enjoyed your video, keep up the good work. Cheers

  5. thanks joe... welsh cyclist; just managed to work out how to upload via my helmet camera and swapping SD cards,dunno how that programme wasnt wiped..the mystery of PCs!