Thursday, 16 June 2011

Road trip 2011... some fim...

Sorting out some film from last week and here is stuff shot mostly with the compact while taking pics...more shaggy highland cows, big skys and stunning mountain scenery of Sutherland.
And a wee taster of Scotlands most remote and beautiful beach and also riding Scotlands largest sand dunes -:)
posts with films start next week....


  1. Great video....if that's just a taster I can't wait for your posts and films to follow...!!


  2. I love Scotland....
    But WTF where is Megan McCormick in this video????

  3. Cracking vid mate, was that Ullapool I saw in the footage?

  4. i stopped off at Ullapool and after tent kiting the big tent in sideways rain slept in the car!, woke up to clear and calm weather!

  5. Holy Moses...
    Don't tell me, you where only looking to the Lonely Planet TV serie, for the picturesque tourist places??


  6. Outstanding, we did the same trip a couple of years back, but were on a tighter schedule as we had to get over to Orkney for a wedding. Looks like you had more time to savour it, and good weather too!