Sunday, 12 June 2011

Road Tripping...

Just back from a week and a halfs holidays...
5 Excellent days at Fort William spent with friends and watching the UCI Down Hill (and 4X) World Cup round,
Then i headed North and around the top of Scotlands Coast with the Pugsley on the back of the car, 1200 miles clocked up...
Despite the side ways winds and some storms, It was Stunning scenery as always up there, miles of empty white beaches with huge dunes, amazing sunsets and sunrises, dark for just a few hours, lovely friendly people, here is a few pics,
lots of storys and a few films to come over the next month or so on both blogs of places visited...still got a weeks hols to enjoy locally too -:)


  1. The luck! Cool shores, sites, and animals!? What is that shaggy BEAST!? :)

  2. Highland Cattle ali b. -:)

    they dont move out the way so you just walk/ride around them, gotta watch for those big horns when they turn round to look at you!

  3. Some great photos here.....seems like you had a good time.
    Looking forward to reading more about it in future posts.


  4. A Fatbike, a Fattrailer, Fat cattle and a little "Banner o Scotland" in top!! love it, love it, love it!!!!

  5. Cracking photo's CK. Welcome back. I'm loving the highland cattle. Great shaggy beasts they are.....

  6. Bruce,
    awesome man, just awesome!!

    Peace, Joe

  7. was the fat bob a success then ?

  8. `Fat Bob` is ace at hauling loads off stuff to camp trav, i knocked hell out of it going out to Sandwood on the stone kundy drains, they take alot of punishment, these original BOBs are made of 4130 cro mo steel so up for the treatment -:)

  9. That's first shot could be used as advertisement! =)

    Amazing views, glad I got my share of those while visiting, the scenic route to Kirroughtree from Innerleithen was breathtaking at some points!

    Fort William was a bit too far away to be visited, would be great to see live some time!

    Thanks for sharing those lovely photos.

  10. Its 25-6 so "Happy Birthday Coastkid" !!!!