Thursday, 3 November 2011

New Go Pro Hero 2 camera

The worlds most popular sports camera, The Go Pro Hero has now been updated...
The New camera has adjustable degrees of lens settings;
1080p | 960p | 720p | WVGA120 | 60 | 48 | 30 FPS10 Photos/sec11MP170° | 127° | 90° FO

Power to the People...
Amazing film, remember to click on 720p for HD viewing...

The first camera has proved pretty indestructible, check these films...

lost at sea...

Bounce Test...

Off to the Moon...

Attacked by nature...

Been some amazing films to watch on the web using these cameras,
One of my favourites, tune is by Data `Italia` by Skatebard...


  1. Bruce,
    I apologize for my ignorance; but that's the video camera you've used for your films???!!! This is also the camera your buddy Mike uses??
    All I can say is WOW to the quality of video that little thing spits out!!!!
    How's the learning curve for a semi stupid guy to the whole video thing??!! Lol
    So, my ultimate question, the best bang for the buck with this camera??

    Peace, Joe

  2. Joe, yes it is, i still have the Tachyon which is a SD camera, watching HD films on the big TV is amazing!, only downside is average PC struggles to crunch all the file data when editing, so i think you need a good processor, I only have 4 years use of a PC but can manage!(still can`t spell though!)
    Mac seems better at coping, lots of online help available,
    I have Vista movie maker and like it as it is simple and easy to use, font for titles is a bit old school, so i just wrote in the sand!

  3. Oh forgot to add that the original Go pro is reduced now (£190 UK) so that is £110 cheaper, i would recommend that unless you want the adjustable lens settings,

  4. Adjustable lens settings is a big deal to me. It's why I'm selling my VIO POV HD—too wide for a lot of everyday stuff.

  5. I didn't know I wanted one until I saw those clips and now I'm lusting to take one underground into a flooded mine :-)

  6. I agree that the narrower lens will be better for a lot of things, I would love one that just switched on/off and filmed in a 120 degree view with no extras, just basic and simple, so cheaper, you could have 2!

    tocsin_bang; i wil do a film at that WW2 cooler soon (at night) and you will see the view, it is quite good in buildings with the fish eye lens

  7. Hey Coastkid,
    Do you think I could get away with the original Go Pro underground? I'm thinking as nice as the Hero2 is there's features I wouldn't use.

    BUT.....I do have mountain bikes too :-)