Thursday, 14 March 2013

A New Angle on Ploughing the land...

Watch out for this big beastie working the land here in East Lothian, fantastic use of a Quad copter!

A new angle on ploughing...


  1. I wonder who filmed that! Some aerial fatbike footage soon?

  2. Hey Bruce,

    Just catching up on the blog after a few days away. Watching this was oddly therapeutic somehow.

    Cheers bud.

  3. Alistair; hi how you doing and long time no hear!, need to catch up for a pint soon and blether...

    Gary; i thought it was maybe you!, are you up for doing some filming of the fat bike(s) soon?
    drop me a text wuth your number Gary 07706 797 838 and we can discuss ideas,I`m riding every Saturday so can fit around what suits you...
    We also have the Forth Fat UK fatbike meet here at NB April 27/28th and be great to get some film as could be 40 - 60 fat bikes on the Saturday!