Sunday 17 March 2013

Rain Cycle; Tyninghame Links...

Been a very damp and cold week here on the East Coast,
After a wild white out of powder dry  snow on Monday it has thawed and been damp and bitter cold with rain showers most days,
It is what it is and life goes on...
I have rode every Saturday this year and a bit of rain was not stopping me doing what i enjoy,
A short relaxed pace cycle around my local woods and coast at Tyninghame with friend Stuart on his black Pugsley...

Click on the cog icon to view in HD
Song is `Shadows of Ourselves` by `Thievery Corporation`


  1. I really liked the mixed footage from both of you. It's cool to see you riding as well as the others that ride with you.

    Keep'em coming ;-)


  2. Hi Kaetwo,
    Stuarts kids love his fat bike and asked for a film to see him on the coast, it was a struggle in that weather, lots of lense wiping!,
    There will be better weather on the way soon so lots more filming of where we ride and the views to see on a clear day!

    Thanks, Bruce

  3. That was an atmospheric wee film Bruce. The weather was grim but the two of you seemed to be enjoying the pedal. Bet that cider tasted good when you got home!

  4. Hi Peter,thanks, always good to be turning the pedals whatever the conditions...

    Looks like possible snow riding this weekend!,