Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Continuing the Boards of Canada theme... SURLY KramPug... Some wonky quality cycle film...

Its been amazing weather so far this week, roasting hot with amazing big skies...
despite a few showers that cooled muggy temperatures the little rainfall has hardly made any difference to the drought conditions here in East Lothian. At work it is full on watering, out cycling it is full on dusty dry trails!...

Been listening to the new Boards of Canada Album TOMORROW`S HARVEST all weekend and last two evenings out cycling on my ipod and its ace!...

The kramPug lives...
Yep!, on Friday affy then again on Monday evening i took out the Grey Pugsley with its offset Krampus single speed wheel set for its maiden shakedown ride...

Your not getting to see any proper pics of it yet as i am still waiting on some stuff from the states to arrive... -:)
Unless you have stripped and rebuilt your SURLY Krampus wheelset offset with a rear hub up front then this is the first Krampug in the UK -:)

Some dodgy pics not giving too much away!...

That's all your getting to see for now!

Sadly the grey paint job which friend Eddie did a good job of for me must have not dried right being done in winter and it chips very easily -:)

So i stripped the bike down and dropped it off at the powder coaters on Tuesday after work and get it back tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon. So will be rolling for the weekend -:)

Riding single speed is  a new MTB thing for myself, i cannot comment on what a regular single speed 26" MTB or 29er MTB is like, but i do like the Pugsley with the 3" Knard set up, it  has great roll over stuff like roots etc...The bottom bracket height is an inch higher but apart from that it still rides like a pug - real stable and comfortable, but now faster and its light,  it really rolls with these wheels like a Krampus does but feels a lot more xc orientated. it is more comfortable than my Karate Monkey 29er, not as snappy a play bike in feel, but more `ride all day` feel , if that makes any sense!.
I am going to have a lot of fun on this bike around here on the trails...
I will try and write up a review type thing when i make the usual `Launch` film next week like i always do with new bikes. All i`m saying is that if you own a Pugsley and not a 29er then an offset wheel set is a no brainer as the thing flies with them -:)

I did take my old SD Tachyon XC camera and shot some helmet cam and hand held views of stuff when out.

So used some tracks off the new BOC album, If your a BOC fan you will like this, if your an MTB geek then you will also like this. I thought i would show how long the `Garlic Trail` near here is and filmed it unedited..
Songs are edited into each other;

Track 1   Gemini
Track 15 New Seeds

Youtube would not allow the audio as Warp Records hold copyrights, but Vimeo will play any audio -:)

Film on the trail is a bit off sided but you can always tilt your lap top or i pad... -:)

Cycling to BOARDS OF CANADA; Gemini & New Seeds from coastkid71 on Vimeo.


  1. Good film, I've got a sore neck from watching it. The Krampug make sense to me, but I cycle off road on 700c wheels so I'm probably not the best judge.

  2. Hi Ped, 29+ is a near perfect wheelset for trails around here, single speed also means no worries riding through overgrown trails this now too!.

  3. I envy your wheels...very nice indeed & I look forward to seeing the finished bike.
    When funds allow I would like to build the same for my offset 907. Keep up the good work!