Friday, 4 September 2015

Bikepacking 101

So you seen we went bike packing last weekend,
First off here is Jeff`s film from last weekend, i added Jeff`s film to the end of my previous blog post, though some folk won`t have looked back in on the post or their mobile decices take ages to upload 300 odd pics to bother.  I gave Jeff my SD card so he would have a lot of footage of himself. Unlike my film where i ran out of battery life by mid afternoon on the Sunday, Jeff captured the amazing `magic hour` of sunlight before sunset we so often get here in East Lothian,  Jeff and Mike were blown away by the Harvest scenery, and our legal right to roam here in Scotland,  Freedom indeed!...
Jeff makes fantastic film which you can look through here on his YouTube channel; Summit Toppler

It is indeed a wonderful life we have here in the UK :)

Bikepacking...It`s the new golf in cycling!;
Wondering what it is about?, what you need?, need some advice?, here is a film on Youtube published in May which is a good informative...

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