Saturday, 19 September 2015

Cycling around the world... On one gear!

I first met Markus Stitz when he came along to this years Forth Fat Fatbike Gathering...
You can read about Markus`s weekend at Forth Fat on his blog here; 1000 words about Forth Fat

I already knew about Markus as i had just entered his 2 day Bikepacking event Capital Trail. You can read my blog post and watch the film i made of that amazing 2 days  Here...
Markus said to me at Forth fat he had something big in the planning, i kind of guessed inside what it was going to be, as did many friends.
As i write this Markus has already left Edinburgh and is heading across France, yep he`s riding around the world.. and he is doing it single speed bike packing-no massive heavy panniers etc...

Wondering what he is riding and taking with him?, here is a short film of his life support Surly...

I along with many have already wished Markus the best of luck on what will be an amazing adventure,
I hope he is back in time for Forth fat 2016 next May to buy him a well earned beer and listen to his stories!

You can follow Markus`s RTW trip in several places;

His website; Markus


Pics on Flickr


And check daily where he is on SPOT TRACKER

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