Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Friends bike stolen in Belgium

Friend Phil has had his wifes brand new bike stolen while on holiday in Belgium,
There are people who read on here from Belgium that can maybe share this and hopefully Phil and Anne can get their bike back,  thanks...

From Phil;

Could all my friends please share this post, especially if you've got friends in Belgium. 

Zeldzame Gestolen Fiets 
I hope you can help me, I am an English biker with a problem. My wife's bike was stolen from the Ravensyde Atlantic Wall Museum, Belgium on Friday the 10th of June 2016.
The bike was a Haibike Sduro Allmtn plus 2016, This is a new model and has only been available for a few weeks. It is a full suspension electric mountain bike with 75mm wide tyres, not quite a full fat but nearly. The Bike uses the Yamaha motor, which has also been fitted with the badass dongle. It is very distinctive, rare and expensive.
The Frame number is HAYSE400-A AV15B30026
The Frame size is 40cm
The bike has no computer or charger and the battery is locked to the frame and I have the keys. The thief will be looking for these parts. If you see this bike, could you please contact the police.
This is the Belgium Police reference number
Bg.17.L6.008897/2016 dd 10/06/2016
Thank You for your assistance

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