Monday, 28 November 2016

Chasing the Bullet...

I have not had a motorbike for 5 or so years now.
With anything retro being cool these days-post soon on my new commuter bike, the itch to save and buy a British motorcycle has returned,
Having escaped death over 20 years of riding motorbikes i`m happy these days to look at a bike to plod along country lanes.
Although i used to ride rip snorting 600cc Enduro motorcycles on the road (and off) i always fancied a Bullet in pre65 trials trim for said plodding along lanes.
Maybe some 25+ years after they went on sale in the UK i may buy one once i save the pennies.
In the meantime here is a cool film on the Motorbike that originally launched as an offroad trials bike won more competitions than any other British Motorcycle...

More soon...

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