Saturday, 16 May 2009

the uber v

i took my uber v out for a couple of hours ride today,i made a youtube film as i haven't seen any ubers on there,you may be wondering what an uber v is?
an uber v is a cannondale super v with a raven or jekyll swingarm which allows a longer travel shock to be fitted (190mm instead of 165mm) giving around 6"/150mm travel,these are your original all mountain bikes,built up around 2002 onwards when someone discovered the swingarm/shock swap out,at the time downhill bikes like cannondales own DH v were 6" travel,i still have a pair of 2002 junior T 6" forks which were fitted to alot of them but i do prefer the pikes,the bike has a 05 build mainly hope and XT though the cranks and wheels were fitted a couple of years ago,with a 140 lefty fork fitted this would be a light build,as it is around 25-26 lbs

i haven't ridden it for ages and often think about selling it to put the money into parts and goodies for my newer bikes then after a ride on it again i think `no cant sell it!!

don't think its the best bike out there but it is nice to ride and climbs and descends well,my heckler descends better but doesn't climb nearly as well,it has a high BB which i like for xc riding where your on narrow singletrack through heather,the coil pikes suit it well and admit ably havent been serviced yet since new in 2005! ,a testament to there reliability

the Fox RP3 rear shock works well with bob free climbing and all the parts work well for what i use it for which now is just xc riding and winter night riding,hence the neoporene gators,i like the old school colour of kawa green with the red,it still has the original 1999 STX front mech and theres still no play in it,
so a 6" rear travel xc bike with wind down forks to enable steep climbs then fly down quite narly descents,these were being ridden all over the place before the scott ransom came out and `supposidly` rewrote biking with the `1st all mountain bike`!!


  1. I had to comment on the zip tie fix to your Lizard Skin chain stay. I had to do the exact same thing to the chain stay I put on my Gary Fisher. I think maybe all the Lizard Skin chain stays are too big, so I switched to the carbon leather patches instead. I just found it humorous that someone else had the exact same problem with the exact same fix

  2. Hi,about the Uber V i have a question.
    Can you rotate the front fork 180 degree?

  3. Do you mean with out the fork tops touching the downtube?, yes there is plenty of room.

    1. thank you.
      From the left side you use Hose Guides,for the shifting cable and for the brake cable?
      Thank you.

  4. Yes, as originaly took open cables,

  5. Hi.
    Which is the total kg of this bike?
    Thank you

    1. Hi there, i don`t know the correct weight as never weighed it,