Tuesday, 9 February 2010

coastline photo thread...

after the weekends dissapointing weather today (tuesday) was clear and bright..with a cold easterly wind,lowtide wasnt until 6.15pm so i headed to north berwick just after midday to ride west to aberlady bay..a reverse of satuardays beachride with tommy and hanneke...i enjoyed a strong tailwind on near deserted beaches...passing only a few dog walkers...although a 2 hour cycle i managed to spend 5 hours today here and riding home in the dark...i love our coastline,i love the sea air,the cleaness of sand,i love the shells,driftwood and odd funny item that washes up...i love the sunrises of mid summer out over the north sea... the sunsets over towards edinburgh and the coast of fife... its scenic beauty and various diffrences in geology and ever changing sands..the wildlife... all in this bit of only 8-10 miles of around 40miles of east lothian coastline... and i really enjoy cycling along the coast... so heres some pics from today for my friends tommy and hanneke for what they missed seeing on satuarday...
as i said to them many times "on a good day you can see..." all of this...


  1. Some of your photos are simply stunning. You show off the coastline brilliantly.

    You really are the 'Coastkid'........


  2. Hi, I came across your blog via Redbike. I've just spent a very happy couple of hours reading all of it! We share quite a few intersts, aircraft, the Cold War and history in general. Not to mention MTBs and motorbikes! I film my rides and take the odd picture too, nothing as professional as yours though. I've chucked your link in my Blog so I can read it regularly now.

  3. Hey ( Tour Guide ) Bruce.
    It’s now our favourite Scottish quote.
    “on a clear day you can see…..” lol

    But no worries. We will come back for more cycling!!


  4. thanks alistair!,
    hi clive,thanks and will be over to browse your blog too....
    hey tommy!,glad you enjoyed yourselves!...

  5. Beautiful! Thank You for sharing these wonderful pics with us.

  6. Beautiful photos, really like the lighthouse one and the 168.jpg with you and the bike on the beach with just the sky and water in the background!

  7. "on a good day you can see .." :)
    thanks for sharing the reversed sunny version of our great biketrip last week!
    Back in my little place, covered white by another 2 centimeters of snow, I spent few hours reading and enjoying your blog and pictures/movies!
    Now I'm sure; I'll come back... on a clear day!

  8. sounds like you need a pugsley too hanneke!!!
    sure you will get sunshine next visit!