Monday, 8 February 2010

pugs on

ive been burning the leccy for hours on moivemaker editing satuardays beachride!...all done now and 1hr10min film burned to dvd (from 4 hours with 2 cameras)and the same again but to scottich music burned to send to tommy,
also a youtube film now posted which of course has to be 10minutes long maximum...
hard to edit it all down but i managed to keep alot of footage of tommy and hanneke..not alot of views pf the coast as there wasnt any!..i will also send him a dvd of the youtube film so he can upload it in dutch for friends back home...
music is the popular modern take on traditional scottish music by `peatbog faeries`
a great band to see live,seen them many times...enjoy...


  1. You pug dudes really rock - now I am jealous: with my MTB's sheared off rear mech hanger, I am stuck on the road bikes for now... great movie bro!

  2. thanks bro..always a good idea to have a spare mech hanger in your camelback/tool bag..

  3. Great stuff. I like the dock/bridge section & the music... views... What is the temperature??

  4. hi,it was about 4-6 Celcius but damp...see the red faces!,good bit of firewood there on the beach!

  5. nicely done Bruce!!