Thursday, 29 April 2010



  1. LONELY PLANET visiting Holland!! hi hi

    I only miss, Megan McCormick.

  2. tommy; cool tune eh?, took a bit finding on itunes that one, got a 6 minute remix version too

  3. Hi coastkid, I've been loving reading about your Dutch trip. I've done a few over the years, on my own and with different pals. I reckon one of my all time favourite routes is along the coast from Hoek van Holland to Katwijk, then inland to Leiden - what a great city. Glad you are travelling up north, I came across a cycle museum in a small town west of Groningen. Hope you find it! Tot ziens.

  4. Mate, you're setting the standard for the videos on the Blogs I follow and no mistake. I'm crap at video and photography, you're by your own admission not so hot on spelling and Grammar. Spelling and Grammar were the only things I was any good at at school (apart from Rugby) so we'll do a deal. You edit my videos and I'll spell and Grammar check your Blogs! ;-)

  5. big swifty; yes i now have a whole new country to explore and discover which in time i will write about..

    clive; you got a deal mate!!!

  6. Great post wiv great pics and vids

    U av taken me bac many years ago, I remember them houses being everywhere

    So many bikes great place to cycle,do u ever think it will be like that over here, where all drivers give cyclist respect, or av to many cyclist wound up to many drivers by just ignoring the Highway code and thinking I am on a bike so I can do wot I like

    Sorry fo the rant mate