Wednesday, 7 April 2010

springtime dawn...

onto 7am (from 8am) starts this week... always a bit tiring as you lose an hour a night sleep until you start going to sleep earlier- which never happens...
but the earlier starts are often made easier when you get a nice sunrise as you cycle up to work....

and now a bit too early for office worker commuters making there way to edinburgh by car my 3 mile cycle on country hedgelined roads are near car free...which lets you relax and soak up the dawn...and the changes as spring unfolds...from buds on the trees to chicanes of mating toads to noisy crows on the old dead tree...often a buzzard looks down as i pass below perched on its telephone line pole..rabbits..hares and the odd vole is often seen...roe deer sometimes cross infront of me and all this under an orchestra of morning chorus birdsong...this and cycling certainly helps me arrive at work feeling awake...alive...and lucky to appreciate the dawn of each day...


  1. And how many of those did I waste as a teenager lying in bed till lunchtime whenever I could.......

  2. Hi,

    Just to let you know I have tagged you for a theme post. If you would like to take part, go to the first folder of your pictures, select and post the 10th photo with a short explanation of what it is etc and then nominate 5 fellow bloggers to do the same.

    If you feel it doesn't fit with your blog, please ignore.


    Mine is here

  3. Isn't morning cycling the best. Beautiful pics.

  4. I oove the early morning rides in to work- especialy at this time of year.

    I also love the really early morning rides home (2-4 a.m.). The best are when the moon is full and you can turn the lights off and still see perfectly!

    Great pics CK