Thursday, 16 September 2010

Harvest the plough...

The harvest is nearly all done now...cut and baled..some fields still have bales scattered across and the early Autumn weather adds to the scenery this now...

been fun the last 3 weeks out on the Pugsley just riding where ever i please,and the constant noise of crunching stubble beneath the big tyres...

now after watching surrounding fields from work every day from a year ago being ploughed,sown,grown and now harvested the circle restarts as day by day fields get disk harrowed and ploughed again...
a window in the weather Sunday allowed a chance to ride and film again the loop from home to the coast through the fields i look at daily at work..same time next year?


  1. Another great video. Isn't the pugsly hard work over a field like that?

  2. not really red, across the tramlines its a bit bouncy but on the stubble its fine!,
    hybrid commuter is awful!
    my On One 456 was quite hard going and the 29er kinda inbetween it and the pugsley,
    i did about 25 miles in just under 4 hours,