Thursday, 23 September 2010

Heart of Darkness...cycling,Whiskey and jelly babies...

wednesdays evenings TBC pentlands hills rideout was a cracker...
Was a smaller turn out by us guys than the girls who meet at Bonaly store at the foot of the Pentland Hills on the edge of Edinburgh,
we had a great ride via Allermuir hill as it got proper photos didnt really turn out too well but the view over the glow of a street lit Edinburgh was cool...

as was the gusty wind up there and cloud blowing through...

the desent N.E. of the summit was one to remmember...bombing down a steep grassy trail into the dark the 2 riders in front were ahead that i could only see with my own light and the rear tyre on the 29er was locking up on the wet grass and i was speeding up down a trail i hadnt before ridden with the seat up full height... to say i was buzzing as the trail levelled out was an was everyone else judgeing by the yells and screams from behind...despite all getting front or rear or both wheel slides and cross rutting we all got down upright which is good...need to get that descent on film in daylight...
was quite a climbing ride with a bit pushing but a sociable ride for being so...
jelly babies and a nip out a Hip flask is great for bonding friendships....
heres a climbing graph i pinched from friend Rob`s flickr page...

i tried my camera in woods later filming friends riding by and it filmed ok so next time i will need to go ahead and film riders passing to put together a night ride film... name the tune then!

some good pictures and some film up on Allermuir Hill here on friend Robs Flickr page


  1. Night riders? Night riders!!!

  2. It's not the theme to 'The Longest day' is it?

  3. Great vid.

    I've just ordered a cyclo-x bike so that i've got an excuse to go play in the mud and eat jelly babies too!

    (I couldn't decided between a winter road bike and another geared 29er MTB, So I went for the nearest thing to both).

  4. Alistair; song is theme tune from `Das Boot`,
    you guessed correct tommy!.
    buy it in German with English subtitles as the swearing isnr dubbed over!it just isnt printed!,
    look forward to ride reports of your new bike red!

  5. Now that looks like a good time!

  6. always a good time with these guys craigers!,
    im leading out a ride around my local trails on Sunday, could be a massive turnout! so be a good laugh...