Saturday, 23 October 2010

Happy Birthday Pugsley!

i got the Surly Pugsley 2 years ago this week...
heading into its 3rd winter it still inspires me to get out cycling and ride new (unriddden) places and is still going strong despite a hell of alot of exposure to salt water and the odd dunking...and has returned me with around approx 3000 miles of smiles and never let me down...or failed to make me feel life is so good -:)
being the first fatbike in Scotland it has caused alot of interest where ever you go and on Internet forums but slowly folk are realising the fun to be had of these bikes...expect to see a few more over the next year or two...
And its entertaining again tomorrow as im leading another rideout here in East Lothian with around 18-20 friends hopefully turning up and a few would like a wee shot on the beach...great to see that big grin on folks faces as they cycle it across normally unrideable soft sand...a fun grin i still get everytime we go biking...
maybe only 2 years but seems a longtime in cycling hours/miles since i got the pug and made my first film...will never forget rolling down that first big sandune...


  1. I'll be wanting a shot of the pugsley!

  2. I've had my Pugsley for four and a half years. I still get a silly grin every time I ride it. No other bike has that effect.

  3. Bruce,
    Jan. Will be one year for my Pugsley and I,and you are SO right on with your comments on the "Pugs"!!!
    IMHO, a better fun machine would be hard to find!!!
    Happy birthday, and PUG U!!!
    Peace, Joboo

  4. It is wonderfull! It is incredible! It is crazy!!! Today my SURLY PUGSLEY celebrates his birthday as well. I just one hour ago returned from the celebratory trailride and one minute ago finished to write the celebratory report for my Russian blog - The title of my report translated to English is "Happy Birthday Pugsley!" I got my Surly Pugsley one year ago, and it was first fatbike in Russia. Sorry, my report only in Russian, but may be you’ll like photos from my celebratory trailride -

  5. aye, its all good fun!
    world wide folk enjoy these bikes...
    macsimka i can use google translater to read your blog!...

  6. My Pugsley was born yesterday. I'm glad to join the club.

  7. Congrats and many more miles!