Monday, 4 October 2010

Sea and Sky...

Monday evenings beachride was a cracker,despite an approaching cloud bank from the west dulling any sunset the sky was an amazing clarity,this light in Scotland is often talked about by professional film makers...i hope i have managed to capture it this evening on my cheapy cameras worth about £200 for the pair...

was turning out a lovely evening despite just afew Geese coming into the Bay, i hoped for more to film...only the one group would come into land...oh well maybe next time...

miles of criss crossed trails between the dunes...

was a lovely evening...

inland to the south the sunset on the Garlton Hills...

a bit film and pics at the subs and it was time to head home..

good to get out again on the beach on the pugsley...

heres a wee film from the was 6-7pm and NOBODY ABOUT! it


  1. If there was an Oscar for Fatbike video's.....!!!

    And the winner is....Bruce Coastkid.


  2. Great vid as usual Bruce, looks like the Pugsley film season has got off to a good start!

    What was the backing track mate? I loved it.

  3. Great video as normal. I'm going to have to bring a set of speakers / headphones into work so that i've got some sound on this machine.

  4. Clive; track is Bomb by Faithless, sounds like feat; Anne Lennox,

    Red; be a good film this Sunday on the Pentlands for my friends Birthday rideout!, hope to show you all the views up there...

  5. The singer is Harry Collier.

    But I like the idea of a video with Coastkid featuring Annie Lennox.

    "There Must Be An Pugsley (Playing With My Heart)- Here Comes The Bruce Again - Fat Crime 1984 - Love is a Fatbike"


  6. tommy...class as always comments -:)

    wheres the spitfire?,awaiting pics /film?