Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Updated 28th August,
Updated 25th August,

Despite the unsettled weather the combine harvesters are out in a county that this year is a blanket of gold, We are in a recession but wheat prices are double of last years harvest and straw is worth bailing for its prices.

The morning commute is lovely if the sun is shining, fields you see being sprayed are a few weeks away from harvest, the spray is a `total` herbicide- to kill off grasses and broad leaf weeds, so this year its going to last into mid september at least, this week on dry evenigs once dark after 9pm the scene across the county is flashing orange lights from the combines and and the grain trailers, the balers are working all hours too if dry, i love it, and of course the harvested stubble fields are rideable on the pugsley which opens up loads more places to visit, and trails and woods to link together,
some pics from this week..

Film from last year, need to do another this year...


  1. Harvest is great time of year!
    I served my time a mechanic with New Holland, some real good memories during harvest as I was the combine man!

  2. You forget the link to "the best fatbike harvest movie" ever!!


  3. motorman; most combines around here are New Holland`s, some are huge so dont take long to cut a field, gotta be quick/lucky to get a pic of them!

    tommy; will do another `stubble field cycling` film soon, just for you i have posted last years film! -:)

  4. Good post Bruce, and you do seem to be lucky catching the combines out in the fields... I've yet to see one in action!