Wednesday, 31 August 2011

31st August, official end of summer...

Summer went out with a lovely sunset last night, the light here in Scotland is often talked about by professional photographers, film makers, and those outdoors a lot,
Hard to capture with cheap equipment and no trained skill, but i think i caught a shine of its magic light with the Go Pro sports camera half way through this wee film i made on the coast at sunset last night, a nice end to summer(?),
every (rain) cloud has a silver lining...

Looking forward to Autumn now, harvested stubble fields, trees turning golden brown, trails through crunchy leaves devoid of nettles,
and the return of the Geese in there thousands to Aberlady Bay,
and many more amazing sunsets...

Song is `Spectrum` by Boards of Canada,
click on 720p to view in HD,


  1. Fabby,

    Very poetic pictures. You see the best in the coastline for sure.

    Great film!