Monday, 1 August 2011

Out and about...

July was on here posting this years roadtrip highlights,
But been doing plenty of riding locally last month and one memorable day was the last ride on the faithfull grey (repainted black) pugsley,
I had no plans to sell this frame quite yet but did not expect an unused purple frame to pop up for sale on ebay...
So what better a place for its last ride than the coast at kilspindie near Aberlady Village, below Craigielaw farm on Gosford Estate where i grew up and played as a kid and have a lot of memories...
Farewell to the best bike (frame only!) and fun i have ever had on 2 wheels...

Song is `Buckie High by Boards of Canada`

Click on 720p to watch in full  HD...


  1. Bravo Bruce, Bravo!!
    A purple pug frame?? Cool!!
    What happened to the Moonlander going on top of the mortgage?? ;))

    Peace, Joe

  2. Moonlander still on pre order Joe!,
    keeping this pug forever!

  3. Hope the purple reign will be just as enjoyable......

  4. Looks VERRRRYY familiar! Incidentally, now have the tyres, tubes and chain for the Specialised revamp! Later bro!