Tuesday, 21 August 2012

`Fat` BOB Trailer Update

My modified BOB Yak trailer has not been on the blog for a while. Its still going fine since i modded the rear end to fit in a 4" kite buggy wheel. you can read how i did this here...

This thing really is a Beast of Burden!, it gets overloads all the time and i have hauled some crazy sized logs off the beach that are way past the trailers payload limit!... its been dragged out to Sandwood Bay and was battered over the stone drains but its still going, good old 4130 cro mo steel...

Some more wood was lifted tonight washed into the Tyne Estuary at John Muir Bay after recent heavy rain...

 Some film...

Song is `6 Underground` by Sneaker Pimps...


  1. where is all the wood going? Camp fire

  2. For extra house heating, i have an open fire with back boiler to heat water and radiators.

  3. Sweet rig. I am hoping to pull a BOB across the us with a custom 616 fab fat bike. I'm not sure how to connect the bob with the fat tires and the rear hub spacing of 170mm?? Do you have any suggestions?

  4. I think people have just pulled open the yolk to fit them to the 170mm inline fat bikes, there is a thread on MTBR fatbike forum about it;