Friday, 17 August 2012

Sunset Playtime - by Motorman

Here is a nice film further north on the east coast, by blogger friend Motorman up in Lossiemouth  - Moray - Whisky country -:)

Good use of angles and time lapse which captures the ride...

Iain is i think the only other beach rider who blogs mostly on coastal riding on fat bikes, and also rides here on Scotland's East coast.
His local coastline is an interesting coastline as it is constantly evolving and increasing in size and not being eroded like most of our coast here in the UK. It also has some well preserved WW2 Coastal crust Defences;$file/FCSLossieWWIIbooklet.pdf

Look in on his beach ride reports on his blog here; Moray Fat Bike  of his adventures on his lovely Alaskan  9zero7 Fatbike.
His Youtube channel is ; here...


  1. Stop telling everybody how wonderful it is.. If they think, they will come East.

  2. Lol, except East Lothian Council here and `Visit Scotland` still fails to show the real beauty of the east coast -:)

    Aye, shoooosh....