Thursday, 16 August 2012

Midweek Sortie...

In pictures...

This 20 mile loop i do regularly and is a good winter route and often used as a night ride loop as it is ride able whatever the weather conditions,
Winter is a while away for now and the harvest scenery of golden brown is for myself my favourite time of year in East Lothian scenically.
Night riding will be creeping in to mid week rides next month as the evenings are starting to draw in. Getting some powerful lights to test and review next month so looking forward to that...

Good to see people out this evening enjoying the coast -:)...


  1. Aye, the nights are fair drawing in! The pics keep reminding me how lucky we are to have John Muir CP nearby.

  2. Was a lovely evening Ped, Glad JM was born in Dunbar -:)

  3. What a stunning evening and lovely surf! That was me on the cruiser combining my two favourite activities :) I thought that was a fatbike I seen going the other way :) I only get to ride along the beach at low tide as I wade over the river whilst carrying bike and board. Not much beats a ride along the beach on a night like that and then getting in the water for a surf followed by a ride home at sunset. Perfect. Looks like a nice route you done there.


  4. Hi Ray, no doubt you will have met/know Davie from Dunbar with his board attached to his fatbike,
    Will fire across and say hi next time i see you at Belhaven -:)