Tuesday 25 September 2012

First big storm of Autumn - North Berwick

A big swell came ashore from out in the North Sea last night  and today and a crazy storm has battered the UK.
Aong with howling gales and rain were some huge waves on the East Coast.
The BBC Met Office have announced it the most extreme storm in September since Met Office records began - a months rain in 24 hours. Again this year produces another weather record.
Bizarre weather after such a lovely weekend...
Finished work i went down to North Berwick Harbour with  friend Andy to watch...

East Beach is littered with dead sea birds washed up on the morning high tide...

Victorian Harbour wall still doing its job...

I love being on our coast in all weather in all the seasons, esp when you see the power of the sea on days like this...amazing...

1 min SD film i uploaded on Flickr...

We headed for a coffee and a blether on North Berwick High Street.
Between the Police Station - which did B&B when we were boozed teenagers  at weekends -:) , and a gift shop is an alley decorated in memory of a famous author who once visited North Bewick and was inspired by the sea here to write some very famous books...

There is also the small memorial to him...

Looking forward to the weekend and two days beach combing on the fat bikes, with 25mph+ winds on Saturday its going to be a classic tail wind assisted ride to NB on the pugsley, then Sunday i will be going more mission specific beach riding somewhere on the Moonlander to see what gets washed up over the next few days.
Winter beach riding and post storm beach combing has arrived early with this extreme weather this year, canny wait!


  1. LOL
    windy, windy!!!
    Ilove your blog! I`ts amazing!
    Well Done!!!

  2. We do seem to be suffering some really extreme weather right now in the UK.....just a continuation though of how the weather seems to have been for a lot of the year....Ride safe!